Salary Review YW24

Probably the best salary review system on the market

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Salary Review YW24 is a complete system for managing the salary review process within your organization. The system is suitable for mainly midsize and large organizations.

The system handles several parallel processes, where a manager can act in more than one process at the same time. For example, when reviewing in several countries at the same time or for different groups within a business where there is a need to differentiate the processes, e.g. because of different timelines or needs for different approval flows.


Configurable processes

Salary Planning Yw24 Lönerevision Exempel

Salary review YW24 is process based system, where a process can be configured with the required steps. It goes i.a. to set the name, order of the steps and which roles act in each step.

Union negitiation

Swedish-built system for international markets

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There are separate fields where proposals and final change of negotiated salary can be entered into the system.

Furthermore, there is the opportunity for notes and comments from negotiations in the system, per employee.

Process steps views and Overview

Overview and control

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The user has access to the steps when there is information to process in the step.

In addition, there is an Overview view where the user can follow all employees throughout the salary review process and thus also see salary changes in real time.

HR can also use the Overview view to check which managers have completed the various steps in the processes, and which have not.

Upload of data

Update of data during ongoing process

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The system is designed to accommodate the load of data changes during an ongoing process. Changes within the organization such as a change of manager or reorganization are handled by the system. Salary changes to the basic salary outside auditing can also be updated easily in the system.

It is possible to control which fields should be possible to update, and in the review salary field it is also possible to control the date when updating of the review salary is possible.
Långa lönerevisionsprocesser hanteras således väl av systemet.

Graphs and reports

Several graphs and reports are available

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Salary Review YW24 has graphs that show employees and their salaries compared to salary markets, Compa-ratio compared to performance, Compa-ratio compared to Job grade and a simpler salary equality comparison between men and women.

There are a number of fixed reports that export data from the review, then it is also possible to configure customer-specific reports and finally the user can specify their own reports.

All graphs and reports are permission-based, based on role and organization, which means that the user sees the employees and the information they need to see.

Extensive setting options

The customer can control most of the system via settings

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The system allows you to set:

- which filters are used in which view
- how user groups are defined
- which fields are used, visible, editable
- field name visible to the user
- the order of the fields
- names of tables and other texts
- and much more

Support functionality for more efficient review

Salary markets, Guidelines, Budget and Salary proposals

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The system can be set up to provide support to the user in the review process.

It is possible to add and utilize one or more salary markets that are linked to groups of employees to calculate the Compa ratio.

Warnings and hard stops of salary increases can be configured in the form of salary change limits; both upper and lower limits. The user can receive warnings if proposed salary increases are too high or too low, alternatively the proposed salary increase can be blocked if it is far too high or low.

Budget can be configured in the form of a percentage change, which can then be applied to groups of employees. Calculations of budget and utilization of budget are done automatically.

Reminders and info messages

Date-based reminders and action-based messages

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The system can be set to generate a message for the next user in the process, when the user has completed the current step in the process.

It is possible to set if and when reminders are to be sent out to those who have not completed a step in the process. One or more reminders can be issued for the same step, at different times based on the step's "due date".

Salary Review letters

The manager can issue Salary Reiview letters for the employees

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The system provides Salary Review letters that the manager can access and print and send or hand over to the employee.

Logging in

Several login methods

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Salary review YW24 supports Single sign-on (SSO) via Azure, among others.

The system can also generate usernames and passwords that are sent out via email to all users.

Role assignment can take place via filter rules, which means that people who meet the filters' criteria are assigned a specific role. For example, everyone who has a Job Title = Salary Admin is assigned a Roll CB in the system.