Probably the most advanced tool for Salary Equality Analysis on the market

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Do you find Salary equality analysis cumbersome?
Salary Mapping YW24 is a comprehensive system that helps the medium-sized and large company with professional salary equality analysis.

The tool guides you through the various steps and makes it easy to complete the analysis. The system is primarily for those of you who want to work professionally and strategically with equal pay, where the focus is on qualitative implementation and long-term management of pay structure within the business. The system itself saves time compared to manual handling of the salary equality analysis, and it is possible to make a quick and correct analysis (ie meet the legal requirements), but can also be used to advantage to get a clear picture of the salary structure situation, which then forms the basis for a structural action plan .

By working qualitatively, it is possible to create an equal pay structure that is also cost-effective.

The salary equality analysis is presented via diagrams and tables, where all tables can be obtained in Excel form.

The system has high security and meets the PUL and GDPR requirements. The customer can choose whether the information should be stored and processed over a period of time in the system or deleted after use.

Same and similar jobs

Extensive setting options

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Salary Mapping YW24 is adaptable, and can be setup to define what constitutes Same and Similar work, respectively.

No changes to your organizational information are required to carry out the analysis in the system and existing job evaluation can be used.

Women dominated jobs

Automatic identification

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The system identifies which jobs are women-dominated and also presents the comparison jobs.

Explanatory factors

Equalization function and exclusion

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Employees can be excluded from the analyzes due to, for example, historical salary reason.

Automatic Salary equalization possible based on factors such as education and leadership. This facilitates analysis and identification of individuals where actions may be required and also explanation why action is not needed.

Measures for equalization of salary levels

Distribution and collection of questions and actions

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The system creates diagrams, tables and output data for the salary gender equality analyzes and the required documentation. You do not have to deal with difficult Excel files yourself, the tool takes care of this. Instead, you can focus on making qualitative analyzes and assessments and make sure that measures are taken on objective grounds.

You can send out questions to managers and get answers via the tool, when salary differences need to be explained. Approval of actions can also be administered in the tool. It is possible to link our tools for Salary Equality analysis and Salary review, in this way you get a holistic view of compensation issues.


Additional number of analyzes

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Salary Mapping YW24 consists of the three statutory analyzes and three additional analyzes. This highlights the salary structure in more ways than is legaly required today.